5 Secrets to Everyday Success

Crossing the finish line of a big project yields a runners high. Nothing feels better than meeting a big goal with your arms up-stretched and bystanders applauding.

But those thrilling, cross-the-finish-line moments don’t come every day in the world of real estate. For each milestone, there are thousands of steps, sweaty moments and run-through-the-pain mental challenges that have to be overcome.

To keep you motivated when running the long miles of your to-dos, create a sense of accomplishment for yourself along the way. These five small benchmarks will keep you on course for the big victories.

1. Find (and Use) Your Secret Weapon

Examine your talents and find what sets you apart. Are you more productive during certain times of the day? Do you finish certain types of projects faster than your co-workers? Have you noticed you can establish trust with clients quickly?

Everyone has a unique set of talents and traits, and your capabilities are the secret to everyday success. Find something you excel at, and use it to add to your productivity. If you are more productive in the morning, get up a couple hours before the rest of your household and get a jump on the day. If an energy boost mid-afternoon gets your creative juices flowing, keep some snacks in your desk. If you can complete a client’s request faster than anyone else, take on more of those projects for yourself.

Whatever your “secret weapon” is, put it to use and let it become your greatest asset.

2. Network with Good People

In the business world, relationships are essential. But just as important as networking is networking with the right contacts. Knowing a lot of people in your industry will help you gain recognition and respect, but you have to develop positive relationships with the right people if you want to progress in your field. Quality trumps quantity.

Still, you should obviously be friendly to everyone you meet. But remember you ultimately become like the people you spend the most time with. Foster strong relationships with the most successful people you know. Learn from their business strategies and talk about what makes them successful. Over time, you will become more like them.

3. Meet One Milestone Every Day

You probably have a list of goals and to-dos long enough to keep you busy till your next birthday, but making progress on those goals every day can be a difficult — if not impossible — task. Everyone should dream big, but be careful not to overburden yourself with so many long-term goals that you get nothing done in the short term.

Instead of letting your dreams overwhelm you, do something small every day to make progress on one of them.  If you want to double your sales by the end of the year, contact a few potential clients today. If you want to write a book, draft an outline today. You might even want to set smaller goals that you can accomplish quickly. These baby steps don’t take much time, but they do a lot to help you feel more productive every day.

4. Reward Yourself for Success

In large corporations, executives motivate employees by offering incentives for performance. Motivation breeds success, and success breeds motivation. But when you’re your own boss (or when your boss is stingy with incentives), motivation can be more difficult to come by.

If you find yourself struggling to stay focused, reward yourself for a job well done. Treat yourself and a friend to dinner when you reach a long-term goal. For smaller successes, a soda might be enough of a celebration. But whatever your goals, you’ll meet them much faster if you have a little extra motivation.

5. Work Hard, Play Harder

An appropriate work-life balance is essential to success. If you spend 18 hours working every day, you’ll burn out quickly and hinder progress toward your goals. Instead, do what you can to make the time you spend working more productive. And when you’ve put in a full day’s work, relax.

Some of the happiest professionals are those who work hard and play harder. That doesn’t mean you have to blow your entire month’s profits on a cruise for your whole family, but making time to have fun will make you and everyone else in your life happier. And isn’t that the finish line?

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