5 Secrets to Everyday Success

5 Secrets

Crossing the finish line of a big project yields a runners high. Nothing feels better than meeting a big goal with your arms up-stretched and bystanders applauding. But those thrilling, cross-the-finish-line moments don’t come every day in the world of real estate. For each milestone, there are thousands of steps, sweaty

Home Inspection Q&A With Mike Holmes


What got you interested in educating people about home inspections? So many problems homeowners face — the ones they call in a contractor like me to fix — could be identified with a home inspection done by a qualified, knowledgeable home inspector. I’ve seen firsthand the toll renovations and extensive home

Silver Lining with Property Direct

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Purchasing a rental property that will generate passive income makes sense on paper. But when it comes to putting down cash to become a landlord, it may be hard to take the plunge — especially if the property is thousands of miles from your home base. That’s where Property Direct steps

Boots on the Ground


This face-to-face coaching program puts investors exactly where they want to be — in the trenches With the “Boots on the Ground” training program, application is the name of the game. This three-day workshop is recommended by Scott and Michael and taught by real, active real estate investors for eager learners

The Inner Circle


Behind every financially fulfilled real estate investor, there’s a mentor who cared about their individual strengths, weaknesses and goals. For real estate investors who are just starting out — or real estate investors with experience under their belts — being in the industry’s “inner circle” can make the difference between failed

There’s No Time Like the Present

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WHEN PRICES HIT ROCK-BOTTOM, THE SMART GET INVESTING It’s obvious to all that the real estate market is a suffering market. But whether it has hit rock-bottom is a subject of debate. Is the worst behind us? Or is it yet to come? According to Scott McGillivray, real estate investment guru and

A Change Will Do You Good


Ty Pennington says good design can change your life A home is more than a place to eat and sleep — it’s the backdrop to your life, a sanctuary from the world, a reflection of the things that matter most to you. So says celebrity designer and TV personality Ty Pennington

Within Reach

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When Matt Drohan ventured into real estate investment on his own, financial success was a world away. But with some expert help, Matt is paving his way to wealth. Matt Drohan always knew he wanted to be financially successful, but he didn’t know it was real estate investment that would get