Making Lemonade

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Why now is the sweetest time to invest in real estate In today’s market, it’s not hard to find a few lemons. The United States finished 2010 with a 9.4 percent national unemployment rate. Americans’ personal finances have turned sour as more people find themselves out of work. Companies are going

Family Matters

Leonard Rogers

Leonard Rodgers has been working in real estate since his early 30s when he was a young father trying to instill a strong work ethic in his two sons, Hugo and Marc. Now in his 60s, Leonard is seeing the fruits of working hard with family. His sons are partners in

Tax Tactics

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Smart Investors Who Run Their Own Real Estate Businesses Take Advantage of Every Tax Deduction Possible The thrill of posting profits from your first real estate deal is priceless. But paying taxes on that deal come April — well, that’s not so priceless. Taxes can end up costing you big time, especially

Be a Social Climber

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Social media can strengthen your real estate business Status updates. Tweet and retweet. Like. Connections. Followers. Social media is a whole new language, and real estate leaders are letting their fingers do the speaking on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But when it comes to getting down to business online, how do