Cash (Flow) is King


Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini teach cash flow through income properties When it comes to income properties, Scott McGillivray and Michael Sarracini practice what they preach. Two of the real estate industry’s most successful landlords, McGillivray and Sarracini together have had more than 10,000 tenants throughout the United States and Canada.

Making Lemonade

lemonade close

Why now is the sweetest time to invest in real estate In today’s market, it’s not hard to find a few lemons. The United States finished 2010 with a 9.4 percent national unemployment rate. Americans’ personal finances have turned sour as more people find themselves out of work. Companies are going

5 Secrets to Everyday Success

5 Secrets

Crossing the finish line of a big project yields a runners high. Nothing feels better than meeting a big goal with your arms up-stretched and bystanders applauding. But those thrilling, cross-the-finish-line moments don’t come every day in the world of real estate. For each milestone, there are thousands of steps, sweaty

No Pain, No Gain


Adversity can be the reason for success Whenever we try something bold, we are bound to encounter problems. Obstacles are part of the landscape when you are out there on the cutting edge. Making a real estate investment, partcularly in this economy, may seem to some ... well, just crazy. But

Home Inspection Q&A With Mike Holmes


What got you interested in educating people about home inspections? So many problems homeowners face — the ones they call in a contractor like me to fix — could be identified with a home inspection done by a qualified, knowledgeable home inspector. I’ve seen firsthand the toll renovations and extensive home

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